Divine music for meditation

a2752322169_16Divine Music for Meditation is a cd by multi-instrumentalist Avi Adir and composer and producer Atmani.
The cd contains two tracks of 15 minutes and one of 30 minutes. The instruments played are the Greek bouzouki, the armenian duduk and indian bansuri flute on warm oriental bed of soft strings, soundscapes and occasional percussion. The music can be played during yoga or massage sessions or for general relaxation.

The morning & evening meditation pieces are wonderful, but the whirling music is superb! The track’s majestic pace is set by a lovely & sonorous daff drum, while the strings & flutes are artfully timed and beautifully executed to bring the mind of the listener into a sacred space. Such an excellent track! ♥Favorite track: Whirling music. Tiffany Reed

Avi Adir, a Singer and Multi instrumentalist, aviiitraveling the world and sharing a flow ofTantric deep meditative music, using his ancient voice and a variety of instruments,
like the Indian Bansuri, Armenian Duduk, Greek Bouzouki, Japanese Shakuhachi, Egyptian Ney, Silver Flute and the Native American flute.

Avi start singing and playing guitar since he was twelve, and grow up as a songwriter and performer. In his twenties, he went into the adventure of making Bamboo flutes,
studying Indian Raga music and expending his voice through the sounds and colors of new instruments.

‘Music is my tool to tune with my real nature.
I’m here to share the radiated waves of the Divine force of life, which are flowing through.’
‘Play the music, not the instrument’
‘Play only what you hear. If you don’t hear anything, don’t play’ 

Atmani Blok, composer and producer based in the Atoman

‘Originally music had a divine meaning, it was made to raise awareness. Music was not just for entertainment purposes but was played to deepen our connection with mystery of life. I
like music when it serves that same purpose, that it reminds us that there is something divine. It is my only criterium for making

‘Every second of music has to be interesting, has to keep the awareness focused otherwise the mind will dwell away immediately. That is the sport of making music, to keep the mind