Music & ART

By Atmani


Atmani is an artist and music composer from the Netherlands. He studied art at the Gerrit Rietveld academy in Amsterdam for three years but jumped the ship when he lost all inspiration and went to live in a spiritual commune in Costa Rica to go soul searching. In the jungle he learned more about the nature of life and found a new source of creativity in meditation and contemplation. He has a great understanding of modern day mysticism and shamanism which he transferes to his art and music. His compositions are used for contemporary rituals, meditations and ceremonies.

In his philosophy everything is connected in a mysterious way and is it our task as human beings to investigate this connection, to the universe, each other and to ourselves.¬†Atmani’s art aims to resonate to a deep sense of inner realization and connection. Art as a tool for spiritual awakening, a meditation on many levels.