Life is art

I am fascinated with life as a human being on planet earth in this moment in time. There are so many possibilities to create, to experience and to learn. When my mind is calm I feel in harmony with a system that is greater than me where everything is perfectly as it should be. I believe I am here to grow as a human being and to express that growth though conscious creation.

There where times in my early years that I listened only to Phillip Glass and Michael Nyman in a mix on a cassette that I would play again and again wherever I went. I still have a love for modern classical music like minimal music, Ennio Morricone and Gil Evans. The name Elevation came from the OpenAI chatbot. I gave a description of the music and it came up with a few suggestions.

My third album with multi instrumentalist Avi Adir

AI generated art

New technology has tremendous potential for creating art. These images are all made with the help of the Midjourney image creation bot.

Acrylic paintings

The art is to create the circumstances for something to happen
and yet to be out of the way.




Live with Avi Adir in de Salon, Ruigoord (NL)


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