Life is art

Divine Music for Meditation 3 by Avi Adir & Atmani

Last summer Avi Adir and me made recordings for a new release. We then spent hours together in the studio listening to the recordings, adjusting them, trying out new things to create an interesting musical journey. The story we came up with became a tribute to female wisdom, to the high priestesses of the past and those around us.

My collaboration with Avi is special to me. I really appreciate his musicality and a dynamic arises in which I want to create the most beautiful world possible in which Avi can do his thing. We decided on some more rhythm tracks and Terrence Samson added some great percussion. The music is carefully mastered by Peter Van Ginneken. Thanks to Iris van de Sar for sharing the whirling videos that we were allowed to use for the Spotify canvasses.
The record Divine Music for Meditation 3 can be listened to and viewed on your mobile, on Spotify

Out on Spotify on Spotify: 5 Dec 2022

I am fascinated with life as a human being on planet earth in this moment in time. There are so many possibilities to create, to experience and to learn. When my mind is calm I feel in harmony with a system that is greater than me where everything is perfectly as it should be. I believe I am here to grow as a human being and to express that growth though conscious creation.


The art is to create the circumstances for something to happen
and yet to be out of the way.





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