Atmani is an autonomous artist from the Netherlands. He composes music, creates art, designs websites and develops meditations and rituals. In his philosophy everything is connected in a mysterious way. We can feel this connection when we are quiet inside. Atmani’s art aims to resonate to this sense of connection. 


Ink blots

Ink blots pressed on paper and scanned in high resolution. Printed on high quality paper.


Time Space 35 x 35 cm
Moon over Mountain
Moon over Mountain


Hole landscape48x120-web


Moon over Mountain


Music by Atmani

Songs of the river EP

Three tracks telling the story of the river.

Music for Whirling

Multi instrumentalist Avi Adir on bouzouki and ney flute. Atmani keyboards and production. The music can be used for whirling meditation or just to be enjoyed for relaxation.

A total Unburdening of the Heart

Songs to make space in the body, to release the unnecessary through dance and movement. The heart wants space to beat, dance away all it doesn’t need and set it free.

Fire Dance Meditation

A full meditation by Atmani. Shake the body, dance and sit silently. The last part is an exercise in gratitude.

Evening Meditation

The last track, Evening meditation, is almost half an hour of deep meditation. Just as the sun is slowly disappearing behind the horizon one can sink deeper in oneself until only the watcher remains.

Morning Meditation

A tranquil journey into meditation by master flute player and multi instrumentalist Avi Adir and composer Atmani. Lush landscapes of sound with bansuri, duduk and bouzouki.


Ancestor Ritual

Active meditation ritual developed by Atmani and Atten van de Vlugt. Seven Steps is a contemporary shamanic dance ritual, a journey back into our personal family past. We often still carry the burden of unspoken family trauma’s. Things that have happened generations ago but where covered up, never to be spoken about. Up to seven generations past these can still be influential in our daily lives, in the choices we make or in the way we feel. In the Seven steps we take a step back to heal our past and bring peace in our heart.

Buffalo Wish Dance

A contemporary shamanic ritual developed by Atmani and Atten van der Vlugt. The meditation came with the vision of a white buffalo, a sacred native-american symbol. The vision is to pass its knowledge to the modern man. In the meditation the individual soul, the tribal soul and the collective soul are investigated through dance, silence and guided meditation.

Fire Dance meditation

Active meditation in 5 stages. In the first stage shake the body from the ground up, as if energy is coming through the feet and moving through the whole body. In the second stage allow the body to move just by itself, let the energy find its own way. In the third stage release your inner child, let go of all seriousness and dance with all your heart. In the fourth stage find a spot to sit with yourself and just be aware, listen and be still. In the last stage express your gratefulness, for being alive, for the other participants or for whatever you like to be grateful about.

Merkavah Heart Understanding

Workshop developed by Amber Schulze and Atmani. The Merkavah is an ancient symbol used in many cultures throughout the world. The symbol is made of two pyramids that keep each other in balance. Therefore it symbolizes the balance of opposites; man and woman, heaven and earth, day and night etc. In the Merkavah Heart Understanding we will not understand anything with our minds, we focus on the unifying power of the heart. 

Ostara Love Dance

An active meditation for forgiveness, inner peace and alignment. Ostara or Eostra is the old-germanic name for the Goddess of spring. The english word Easter is derived from her name just like the german word Oster. She is depicted as a woman that brings the light back to the world, the light is carried by hares, therefore the easter-bunny. 


I create websites, flyers and other graphic needs for people that have a business in the area of the healing arts and who are passionate about their work. Your website represents you and your work so the design should give visitors that feeling of quality. My passion is to create an outstanding design for an affordable price that represents you in a refreshing way.

Inquire what I can do your you and your business

Here are some websites I made for people who really love what they are doing in life.


Amber Schulze is a very passionate and talented body/mind worker. Her website is as bright as she is. The clouds in the trees are moving (only when you view the website on a computer) to represent the constant flow of energy. The cage is open, the bird is free. That represents the essence of Ambers Essence work.


Atten is a modern day shaman, family constellation teacher and artist. He brings a unique flavor with playfulness and depth to his workshops and rituals.


Jasmien Malachi is a highly skilled sensitive body worker and counsellor from Amsterdam.