Ink scapes


Atmani is a contemporary artist who combines modern day mysticism and contemporary art into music, prints and sculptures. He develops meditations and exercises to attain more awareness about the true nature of one’s existence.

Artworks by Atmani.

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The ink scapes are an explosion of color. The artworks vibrate aliveness and mystery. They wants to remind the observer of their own sense of awe and wonder.


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Ink universe explore the depths of chinese ink. Full of magical little details.


The Merkabah is the 3d version of the star of David or hexagram. Made of two star tetrahedrons holding each other in perfect balance it symbolizes the balance of opposites; man-woman, dark-light etc. The Merkaba symbol was known in many cultures around the world. The word Merkaba comes from the Hebrew “to ride” and can however also relate to the riding chariot seat of God. More..


Music for an active meditation involving shaking, dancing, silence and gratefulness.Firedance active meditation