Ancestor Ritual

The ancestor ritual can be done alone or in a group. Stand up. Make sure you have enough space behind you to take seven steps backward. Take a moment to be present. When you feel ready take a step backward into the your first ancestral lineage, your parents, and play the first song. Dance to the music. When the music is finished take a moment to be present again and take the next step into the second lineage, your great parents. Do so for the next stages. After the seventh and last stage take seven steps forward back to where you started. There are no special instructions on how to dance. Just allow your body to move freely however it wants. The purpose of the ritual is to create awareness of our ancestral roots and to celebrate and have gratefulness for our existence. Images can appear or feelings may come up. Just allow everything to be there and keep moving to the music. When done in a group, take some time after the ritual to share your experiences.