Pour paintings. Formats are 20 x 20 cm. Acryl on canvas. Signed.

Pour paintings are made by a special procedure where several acrylic inks are mixed and poured on the canvas. Chance plays a role yet the process is not completely random. 

A collection will be exhibited at WoW shop in Leiden in May and June 2018, Netherlands.


Facebook headers. Print on foam-board. 30 x 14 cm. Signed. 

Facebook headers started as a project where I wanted to create a different header for my facebook page every ten days. I liked the results so much that I decided to have them printed on foamboard. The format of a facebook header is 851 x 315 pixels so that is the format of the prints. When looking for a frame I tried out many different frames yet none seemed suitable. Then by chance I stumbled upon wooden trays that have the exact right dimensions and make the picture complete. 

A collection will be exhibited at WoW shop in Leiden, Netherlands.

Ink to print. Hight quality print on foamboard. Signed. 40 x 40 cm.

Pour paintings

Ink to Prints