‘Eternal Star’ Installation

‘Eternal Star’ is an installation made of a  star tetrahedron with a mirror on the floor and a mirror on the top facing down. Inside is another tetrahedron hanging from one of its sides, creating two pyramids holding each other in balance. Looking inside the visitors will see the star, themselves and everything around them reflected infinitely between the two mirrors.

The installation is a surprising, contemplative and wondrous experience for the visitor.

The artwork is scalable to any size. For more info

Art can be a meditation. A moment where time stops and we let go of old concepts. A cleansing of the soul. 


I have a fascination for the star tetrahedron shape. It has many fascinating features. When it lies down it is a square made of six crosses but when you hang it from one of its angles it becomes an elegant star of two triangles holding each other in balance. The star has a long history of fascination. It is the origin of the star of david and can be found in Indian, tibetan and many other cultures. 

Atmani Blok is a contemporary artist from the Netherlands. With his work he wants to bring wonder and contemplation to the observer. 

The artwork is for rent and for sale and scalable to any size. For more info