Music by Atmani

Songs of the river EP

Three tracks telling the story of the river.

Music for Whirling

Multi instrumentalist Avi Adir on bouzouki and ney flute. Atmani keyboards and production. The music can be used for whirling meditation or just to be enjoyed for relaxation.

A total Unburdening of the Heart

Songs to make space in the body, to release the unnecessary through dance and movement. The heart wants space to beat, dance away all it doesn’t need and set it free.

Fire Dance Meditation

A full meditation by Atmani. Shake the body, dance and sit silently. The last part is an exercise in gratitude.

Evening Meditation

The last track, Evening meditation, is almost half an hour of deep meditation. Just as the sun is slowly disappearing behind the horizon one can sink deeper in oneself until only the watcher remains.

Morning Meditation

A tranquil journey into meditation by master flute player and multi instrumentalist Avi Adir and composer Atmani. Lush landscapes of sound with bansuri, duduk and bouzouki.