The 12 holy nights of winter

Tuning in to the natural rhythm of life

A Norwegian myth tells of the king who went to sleep on Christmas Eve and woke up again on January 6. He walked into the temple and related his dream that lasted twelve days and nights. The 12 holy nights have been celebrated in different religions and cultures since time immemorial. These special days, which start on Christmas Eve and end with three kings on January 6th, can be experienced as a long dream. Take some time for yourself these days, keep some sort of hibernation. Although they are about relaxation and tranquility, these days, which are filled with special energy, invite attention and awareness. You can take a fixed time every night before going to sleep to do nothing and pay attention to the energy of the night and day. Also keep a diary and write down what you are experiencing these days. Energetically, the year ends around December 21 during the winter solstice, the moment when the sun has reached its southernmost point and seems to stand still for a few days before it starts its journey north again and the days get longer again. . These days are filled with darkness. The sun shows itself only faintly during the day. Everything has come to a standstill. The moment the sun seems to move again is the moment when the holy nights begin. On Christmas Eve, the celebration of the return of the light, we celebrate that a new energetic year has begun. You can experience that a new cycle is also starting in you and the people around you. The twelve nights represent the twelve astrological signs of the zodiac.

The first night: from December 24 to December 25, Christmas Eve belongs to the sign of Virgo, and is about the virgin birth. That is the spiritual birth and is about the desire for unity and attunement to the divine. You can use this night and day to cleanse yourself, wear nice clean clothes, make an altar and light a candle that symbolizes the awakening of the soul.

The second night of December 25 to 26 falls under the sign of Libra and is about keeping course, persevering and perhaps making sacrifices. You can see what you do and don’t need anymore, what feels good and what doesn’t. The challenges will be there, don’t get distracted and keep an eye on your goal.

The third night St John’s Day 27 Dec falls under the truth-seeking sign Scorpio. If necessary, let the scorpion’s poisonous spine sting you because the serum will strip you of everything you don’t need anymore. This day you can take off to see the big picture.

The fourth night Dec 28 is ruled by Sagittarius, the archer. With his arrow he focuses all his energy on a higher goal, some things do not happen automatically, they require exceptional focus and perseverance. The Sagittarius can accomplish things we think are impossible because of his focused focus. This day you keep your focus sharp and alert.

The fifth night Dec 29 falls under the father figure of the characters; Capricorn. The gatekeeper of the gods. The Capricorn takes responsibility for the group and all individuals in the group. On this day you can look at your addictions and unpleasantness. Let yourself look deeply into the deepest recesses of your soul.

The sixth night Dec 30. Aquarius. Beyond the existing, beyond the known. We keep reinventing ourselves. Through modern art, films, documentaries, philosophy and conversations with dissenters, we learn to walk new paths and to look at things differently. Get inspired today and dream beyond the horizon.

The seventh night Dec 31. New Years Eve. The last day of the year. Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Life began in water and the zodiac ends there. Under water everything moves differently, more slowly and not bound to the flat dimension in which we move. This fluidity resembles being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but also the ecstasy of singing or dancing together. Today something can dissolve in the deep water.

The eighth night Jan 1. The ram. No more compromises. Not left or right but straight ahead! Don’t think too long today. You probably know exactly what you want.

The ninth night Jan 2. Taurus. Now that the ram has toppled all the trees, the bull can start plowing. Today King Melchior tells about the gold he will bring to the newborn. How to earn it and, if you have it, deal with it.

The tenth night Jan 3. Gemini. Under the influence of Gemini you can experience the quality of the other. Communicate clearly what you do and do not want from others. King Caspar tells about the Frankincense. Incense of the highest quality used only during the most sacred rituals to symbolize the material to the spiritual.

The eleventh night Jan 4. Cancer. Mother lobster protects what is vulnerable with her armor shield. King Balthasar tells this night about the Myrrh, a powerful medicine made from the resin of the myrrh bush. When you chew it, it helps your teeth stay strong, increase your resistance and keep your life energy high. Today you can take extra care of yourself.

The twelfth night Jan 5. Leo. The king of the beasts rules the day when the three kings arrive at the newborn baby. After a long and tiring journey, the kings finally look at the manger. And there lies a baby sleeping peacefully. What do you think this baby represents?

The thirteenth night of January 6th is called Epiphany night. Sudden insight. A new cycle has begun but one octave higher. You may not sleep at all this night. Be open to sudden onslaught and revelation today. Today you can share your wisdom and insights with your friends and loved ones.