I create websites, flyers and other graphic needs for people that have a business in the area of the healing arts and who are passionate about their work. Your website represents you and your work so the design should give visitors that feeling of quality. My passion is to create an outstanding design for an affordable price that represents you in a refreshing way.

Inquire what I can do your you and your business info@atmani.nl

Here are some websites I made for people who really love what they are doing in life.




Amber Schulze is a very passionate and talented body/mind worker. Her website is as bright as she is. The clouds in the trees are moving (only when you view the website on a computer) to represent the constant flow of energy. The cage is open, the bird is free. That represents the essence of Ambers Essence work. essentiewerk.nl




Atten is a modern day shaman, family constellation teacher and artist. He brings a unique flavor with playfulness and depth to his workshops and rituals. atten.org




Jasmien Malachi is a highly skilled sensitive body worker and counsellor from Amsterdam. art-of-energy.nl