To live is to find a way to deal with the challenges of life. I found my way by allowing both in my life, both the rebel and the coward, the beggar and the king, the lover and the loser. These meditations and rituals are made to free yourself of any pattern so you are free in the moment to be who you truly are.

Active meditations for inner peace and rituals to align with the natural pace of life. Music made by Atmani & friends.

Fire dance meditation

Active meditation to relax the body and let it find its natural pulse. 5 Phases, including, shaking, dancing and observing in silence.

Buffalo Wish Dance

Shamanic ritual to investigate our individual and our collective soul. What is the message of the white buffalo? With dance, movement and silence we reconnect to the natural energy flow of life.

Ancestor Ritual

Active group meditation ritual to reconnect with our ancestral roots. During the ritual we go back 7 generations in time. Through dans en movement we go into a gentle trance to visit our predecessors and listen what they have to tell us.


Merkavah Heart Understanding

The Merkavah is an ancient symbol representing the balance of opposites.

During the workshop you learn to balance the inner opposites and find the middle. We learn, not with the head but with the heart.